AVS | Creative Visual Solutions | About Us


Imagination is our playground,

and we enjoy playing in it without any limits.

Every day, for over two decades, we have been challenging ourselves to create surprising combinations of visuals and updated technologies.

We’ve been looking for new and groundbreaking ways to reach people in an intriguing way, and to make them not only view the experiences before them but to immerse themselves in the experience as an integral part of it, and emotionally connect to it.

Our extensive skills in creating creative multimedia experiences in Israel and around the world enables us to initiate and create multi-sensory experiences at special events, concept stores, large-scale shows, exhibitions, museums and visitor centers, for companies, brands, and public organizations. Each experience is a world in its own, based on an exclusive concept, rich and original content, meticulous design and the use of advanced projection technologies.

So when you want to turn an impossible idea into an exciting reality,

talk to us. We believe that your surprise will be limitless.