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EXPO 2017 – ISRAEL PAVILION Category: portfol

Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry


The Israeli pavilion, designed and constructed by AVS, is attracting a lot of attention.

As visitors enter, they pass through an atrium designed as an infinity room. The sense of infinity is achieved using mirrored walls. In addition, hundreds of synchronized LED balls hang from the ceiling. Giant screens display a powerful video about Israeli creativity in the field of renewable energy. The infinite space is a vivid expression of Israel’s infinite creativity in the field of renewable energy.

In the pavilion’s central space, a dancer performs, surrounded by the audience. Animations are projected on translucent screens all around the stage. The story of Israel’s powerful creativity in the energy production of tomorrow is told through a unique artistic performance, incorporating choreography and video-synchronized dialog.

The pavilion won the Best Presentation award at Expo 2017 Awards, given by EXHIBITOR magazine