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The new concept store of IDigital offers its customers a variety of experiences. This technological store presents various smart home products. Our vision was to present the stores content in a cutting-edge manner combining elegant and attractive digital systems and display units that offers the potential buyer to customize and explore the possibilities of his own future smart home. Our first challenge to face was the stores location which was unseen to the shopping centers visitors.

We’ve accomplished this goal by creating a digital eye-catching gate that attracts the visitors to the iDigital hallway. Combined with this gate we’ve placed an elegant transparent LED screen that provides a quick hint to the stores content and innovative spirit. After passing through the stores hallway the visitors enter the store fronting a unique VR experience that allows the customers to explore the iDigital futuristic home in a 3D high rendered realistic environment. Informative interactive touch screens are placed all around the store providing guidance videos and product information.

Also, we have placed interactive touch tables with product customization systems that allows the visitors to customize and optimize their own purchase to fit their private homes and personal budget.