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30 Nov, by AVS Admin in

  The Israeli pavilion, designed and constructed by AVS, is attracting a lot of attention. As visitors enter, they pass through an atrium designed as an infinity room. The sense of infinity is achieved using mirrored walls. In addition, hundreds of synchronized LED balls hang…

Jerusalem jubilee celebration

22 Jun, by AVS Admin in

AVS has created and produced this unique multimedia performance to mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem. The show, combined with the participation of Israeli and international artists, included an amazing video mapping projection on a length of 250 meters of…

Gubei water town

21 Mar, by AVS Admin in

Avs has designed this video mapping performance on the gobei’s water town pagoda which turned this location to the resorts center piece. This tourist attraction is based on a video mapping projection on the pagoda combined with a water show located in front of the…

Idigital – Concept Store – Azrieli Center

21 Mar, by AVS Admin in

The new concept store of IDigital offers its customers a variety of experiences. This technological store presents various smart home products. Our vision was to present the stores content in a cutting-edge manner combining elegant and attractive digital systems and display units that offers the…

Happy Hanukkah- Bialik St. TLV

16 Dec, by AVS Admin in

Special production for the holiday, a 3D mapping show, projected on 4 buildings in Bialik St. Tel Aviv, Telling the story of Israeli Heritage Sites.

Open a Door

16 Dec, by AVS Admin in

A road show created for the Israeli foreign ministry, to be presented in different cities around the world. Each door opens another side of Israel and the Israeli culture, each door you open will reveal something else:one door will provide a glimpse into homes of…

AVS’s Robot Project

14 Dec, by AVS Admin in

For the first time AVS introduced its new “star” the Robot, as part of “Open” the road show produced for Israel’s foreign ministry. In the show the Robot is holding a video screen and having a visual dialog combining content and movement in synchronization with…

Gindi- Carmei Gat

02 Apr, by AVS Admin in

In Carmei-Gat sales office, on top of the obvious challenges of selling a new project, Gindi faced the challenge of introducing the soon to be new suburbs city in the south of Israel. In order to connect their potential buyers to the unfamiliar location, the…

Wynn Las Vegas

14 Dec, by AVS Admin in

AVS designed a digital video mapping display for the luxurious hotel, Wynn Las Vegas. Projected on a 40×20 meter wall, the show presented a magnificent 3D video overflowing of the façade.

Coca-Cola Ben Gurion Airport

21 Sep, by AVS Admin in

Coca Cola refreshes its iconic language and introduces its new symbols, in a magnificent projection on the soon to be air traffic control tower at the Ben-Gurion Airport.